Campaign Materials

Download World Kidney Day UK campaign materials

NOTE: If you wish to order a printed Support Pack which includes 5 kidney health posters and as many A5 flyers that you need to hand out during your event – please complete the form here

A selection of logos, our kidney facts and the 2019 World Kidney Day UK branding for use on social media, or your own website. There is also a Powerpoint presentation designed for children (6-12years) all about the kidneys and how important they are – perfect to show in school assemblies.

You can use all these materials copyright free on the internet, but not for commercial purposes.

These files are in PDF format. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar) to open them. Flyers to give out and a poster to pin up on noticeboards as well as a letterhead you could use as the background to a poster advertising your event. Our two guides to working with the media and all about social media are also below. There is also artwork for a pull up banner which can be printed by your local exhibition print company (this can be used for any year as it has no date and no ‘theme’) as well as a template for WKD logo stickers (48 per A4 page) using Avery label L4850REV (available at stationers and online).

You can use all these materials copyright free in printed form, but not for commercial purposes.

These are all Word documents for you to customise, save (maybe convert to PDF format if you wish) and then print out yourself – a sample letter to your MP, a template for a press release to get your local media interested in what you are up to and a ‘Word’ version of our letterhead you can use as a backdrop to posters and letters. You can use all these materials copyright free, but not for commercial purposes.